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Piper-Grey (Earl Grey and David Piper), both coming off of replacement surgeries (Earl, hip; David, knee) will open for Paul Zollo, Saturday, August 23, at 7pm at the home of Jill Freeman. This is PG's first public appearance since their live recording session at The Onion on May 22 of this year. That session, recorded and produced by Mark Humphreys, is due out as a complete album ("Piper-Grey Live @ The Onion!", on TROUGH RECORDS) by year's end.

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Piper-Grey will appear at The Pho King Delicious Restaurant in Northridge, CA, on Friday night, April 18. Brainard & Russell and Bryan Chan, who runs this showcase, are slated to appear as well. AND on Thursday, May 22nd at "The Onion", a historic building (now a Unitarian Church) in the North Hills of the San Fernando Valley and graced by the likes of The Grateful Dead and Ken Kesey, Piper-Grey will hold a live recording session starting at 6:30 pm. Tickets for the session are $25.00, which also gets you a copy of the album! This is one gig we would like all of you there if possible. It promises to be a memorable evening. Mark Humphreys, TROUGH RECORDS President, will be the recording engineer. P-G will be performing mostly unrecorded songs with many that are new, along with a cover of a song by friends Paul Zollo & Daryl Purpose.
We (Piper-Grey) are planning a live recording session at end of May this year, 2014. The songs we will record will mainly be new ones that we have co-written since our last (only) release in 2008. We will cover one Paul Zollo-Daryl Purpose song called "Orange Raincoat". Mark Humphreys, head of Trough Records will produce and we will probably record at the Fremont Center Theatre in South Pasadena, CA. As soon as the date is firm, we will post it.
Piper-Grey will do a 45 minute set at Project LA's benefit for Hurricane Sandy victims. P-G on stage at 7:30pm! We are one of several acts appearing followed by a fashion show. 72 North Fair Oaks, Pasadena, CA 91103 $5.00 donation
Piper-Grey will open for CIRCA tonight, October 27, 2012, at The Joint in Los Angeles, CA. 8pm. $20.00 a the door.
TROUGH RECORDS had their annual "present the artists night" on Septemebr 9, 2012, at the Fremont Center in South Pasadena, CA. Nearly all the artists on the label got up and performed 3 songs each. Everybody played well and we (Piper-Grey) were glad to be a part of it. Piper-Grey performed the following three songs; Tempe - written by Earl Grey, and recorded on the APPLES/PIper-GREY album from 2008 Wind-up Clock - written by Earl Grey and David Piper Signatures in the Sand - written by Earl Grey and David Piper
The Songwriter Serenade is a weekly show held every Tuesday night at Matt Denny's Ale House Restaurant & Bar. Over 160 artists have now played the show! It starts at 7PM and goes to 9:30. Performers play their original songs for the audience on a lovely patio with a warm, inviting atmosphere. There are all styles and genres of music, with 4 or 5 different songwriters each week. The music is on a patio which is covered and has plenty of heaters for a warm, cozy evening. It is located at 145 E. Huntington Dr. in Arcadia, CA 91006. There is parking around the back.
Piper-Grey will appear as part of Trough Records Night at the Fremont Center in South Pasadena, CA, on Sunday, September 9, 2012. Show starts at 7pm.
PIper-Grey is part of an all-star line up of performing songwriters on Sunday, Feb. 19th at the beautiful Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. P-G will play a 30 minute set at 5pm. The whole show starts at 2pm and goes until midnight!
Jeff Gold's West Valley Music Center's Songwriter Series invited Piper-Grey to play last night along with Raspin Stuwart and Janeen Rae Heller. It was a fun evening full of great song after song. This is nice little venue in its second year, and the second time Piper-Grey has played the series. Gold has done an admirable job featuring quality songwriting acts. We hope to play here again.
Piper~Grey will appear for a five song set at Matt Denny's Alehouse in Arcadia this coming Tuesday night, February 15th. Show starts at 7pm. It's part of a thing they call "songwriter serenade" and a couple of other songwriters will be performing also.
"Beautiful album. Piper-Grey well produced indeed. Great vibes, sweet, soothing and uplifing harmonies throughout, "Drive All Night" and all the rest! "Apples" reminescent of Buffalo Springfield, you guys have the vocals dialed in, and you sure can pick them git-tars. "Glossolilla" mighty pretty. Dig the rock-gospel dobro on "Tookie", and the spirit permeating the whole album actually. "Your love was always stronger than a storm"; that line got me. Orchestral ending on "Open Sails", and the abrupt ending on "Tookie" reprise, nice touches. Great job you guys. I really am enjoying it! Thanks for doing the trade it's worth more than gold."
Played last night with Earl Grey, as part of the duo "Piper~Grey" at a community center in Newbury Park, CA. The Fireside Concert Series, run by Bob Kroll, had a last minute cancellation and he asked us to fill in. We played a half-hour set (six songs) to open the evening, followed by the fine works of Brad Colerick and then Sabrina & Craig. Great audience.. filled the room (about 100 people) who hung on every word and note. Earl and I have not played publicly since May but have been practicing and it showed. We played well. When that happens, there is a transcendency to the experience that is palpable. It carries. A similar experience, musically, took place in Cleveland OH, about a month ago. I played a wedding reception with some old band mates of mine ("The Late Show"; Jack Hire, Robin Jung, Steve Bain, Billy Piper and myself with Paul Roberts on the drums) and damn was it fun! We had not played in six years, had one rehearsal in July, and still we managed to find a vein and a way to run with it. Great musicians all.. what a joy to play with them again. The response was electric with people up and not just dancing... letting it loose out there in front of us. Last night in Newbury Park, Earl's hometown by the way, had some magical moments when the music seemed to take flight, bigger than both us. Piper~Grey is an experience like none other I've had. I look forward to the next time.
This series, at the West Valley Music Center in the San Fernando Valley, is a premier place to hear some of the best acoustic songwriters in Los Angeles. We are honored to be in the company of Jeff Gold and Garrett Swayne on this evening.
PIper~Grey will play a full set at the Sam Ash Store in Westminister on Beach Blvd, Saturday, May 1 at 4pm. We are excited to play this gig and thrilled to be asked as the featured artist there.
Sabrina & Craig, a great duo, has invited Piper-Grey to play on Sat. 3/13 at Hallenbeck's General Store in North Hollywood. This will be a fun evening. Hallenbeck's is a great place to hear original acoustic music.
Brad Colerick's songwriter showcase at WineStyles in South Pasadena has invited Piper-Grey to play on Wed. 3/10 starting at 7pm. We've heard good things about this venue and about Brad. Looking forward to it..
Piper-Grey played a 30 minute set in Irvine (Hyatt Regency) at the Far West Folk alliance. We brought out two brand new songs ("Must I Go Alone" and "Signatures in the Sand") plus a few of our standards. Nice experience to see all those great songwriters and to be playing amongst them. We hope to do the whole weekend in the future.
Hiatus is over! Sunday, July 12th, at the Church in Ocean Park, Piper-Grey will appear for a 30 minute set as part of a presentation of songwriters. A song circle (Lauren Adams, Marc Platt & Jaynee Thorne) comes on first at 2pm and then sets by Piper-Grey, Sabrina & Craig and then Dale La Duke will follow. This is very nice room to hear music. - The Church In Ocean Park is located at 235 Hill St., Santa Monica, 90405 310-399-1631 for more info...
Piper-Grey will be on hiatus this summer (2009) while Earl (Grey) recuperates from back surgery. We expect to be back with a vengeance in the fall, if not sooner. Good health to all. P-G
This past Monday night (3/23/09) in South Pasadena, TROUGH RECORDS showcased nearly all of the artists on the label in an evening of acoustic acts at the Fremont Center Theatre. Every act "brought their A-game", said Dave Morrison, a terrific songwriter who performed that night. It was great song after great song. Many thanks to Lois Tedrow for all she did to provide the space for all of us to perform and husband Tim who not only ran the sound board, but also performed as half of the fine duo, Tedrow-Vreeland. You can learn more about all of the artists on TROUGH RECORDS at...
Piper~Grey's debut album "APPLES" has been named 4th best in 2008 as part of a top ten list compiled by American Songwriter Senior Editor Paul Zollo. The lists were published on December 15th in the latest edition of American Songwriter magazine.
"Apples", the debut album by Piper-Grey, is available now on
Trough Records proudly announces the release of APPLES (Catalogue No. TRCP 1314), the debut album from Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter duo PIPER-GREY. Recorded at Tin Drum Studios with such great musicians as Freebo on fretless bass, Matt Brown on keyboards, Greg Krueger on mandolin and legendary Ambrosia drummer Burleigh Drummond (who also engineered the album), coproduced by David and Earl and featuring 11 new songs (8 of which the duo cowrote), APPLES presents two superbly talented artists bringing out the best in each other and their art. Filled with beauty, love and adventure ("Ireland," "Tempe," "This Winter's Lullaby" and the spiritually-tinged title track), wistful memories ("Ioway"), celebration ("Open Sails" and the rollicking opener "Anyone Else in the World") and cries for justice and unvarnished rage against war and political gamesmanship ("Tookie," "The Decider"), APPLES soars with the emotion of two gifted voices and unquestionable musical talents forming one incredible sound.

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