What a great night it was this past Saturday, 4-18-15.. at Bryan and Mary Chan's house in Granada Hills, CA. Excellent, attentive audience who stayed with us though all 15 songs. The band, Greg Samuel (flugal horn, trombone and stand-up bass), WendySue Rosloff (percussion and autoharp), Greg Krueger (bass, mandolin, 12 string guitar) and Lisa Johnson (background vocals) provided outstanding support for us (Earl Grey and David Piper - Piper-Grey), as we forged through every song on the "Live At THE ONION!" album (released December, 2014, on TROUGH RECORDS). Earl and I agreed... it was arguably our best performance which is saying something because there have been some pretty good ones.

Many Thanks to all supporters, and to those who made it out to hear us live. And to the Chan's... you're the greatest!

Piper-Grey's new album is coming!

Piper-Grey LIVE at THE ONION!

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Piper-Grey Live @ The Onion!


"Apples", by Piper-Grey

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