"Beautiful album. Piper-Grey well produced indeed. Great vibes, sweet, soothing and uplifing harmonies throughout, "Drive All Night" and all the rest! "Apples" reminescent of Buffalo Springfield, you guys have the vocals dialed in, and you sure can pick them git-tars. "Glossolilla" mighty pretty. Dig the rock-gospel dobro on "Tookie", and the spirit permeating the whole album actually. "Your love was always stronger than a storm"; that line got me. Orchestral ending on "Open Sails", and the abrupt ending on "Tookie" reprise, nice touches. Great job you guys. I really am enjoying it! Thanks for doing the trade it's worth more than gold."

Piper-Grey's new album is coming!

Piper-Grey LIVE at THE ONION!

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Piper-Grey Live @ The Onion!


"Apples", by Piper-Grey

Piper-Grey's debut album "APPLES" (2008/TROUGH RECORDS) is available at cdbaby.com - http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/pipergrey AND - itunes