"Apples" is here!

Trough Records proudly announces the release of APPLES (Catalogue No. TRCP 1314), the debut album from Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter duo PIPER-GREY. Recorded at Tin Drum Studios with such great musicians as Freebo on fretless bass, Matt Brown on keyboards, Greg Krueger on mandolin and legendary Ambrosia drummer Burleigh Drummond (who also engineered the album), coproduced by David and Earl and featuring 11 new songs (8 of which the duo cowrote), APPLES presents two superbly talented artists bringing out the best in each other and their art. Filled with beauty, love and adventure ("Ireland," "Tempe," "This Winter's Lullaby" and the spiritually-tinged title track), wistful memories ("Ioway"), celebration ("Open Sails" and the rollicking opener "Anyone Else in the World") and cries for justice and unvarnished rage against war and political gamesmanship ("Tookie," "The Decider"), APPLES soars with the emotion of two gifted voices and unquestionable musical talents forming one incredible sound.

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