"Piper-Grey LIVE at The Onion" is ready to master!


The Piper-Grey album, "Piper-Grey LIVE at The Onion", is mixed (15 tracks) and ready to master. To get this far we have received great support from those of you who came out to see us perform these songs on May 22, 2014, at the Onion in North Hills, CA. It was a great evening!


Now we face another hurdle to completion... paying for the mastering, duplication and printing of the cd and the artwork. That price tag is $2,000, which we hope to raise by October 20, the date we have set to master the album. In order for us to get the finished cd to you by the holidays we must finish by the end of October with everything!


We are asking for $20.00, which will get you a copy of the cd AND your name on the album for having supported us! A Pay Pal account on our website, piper-grey.com, has the appropriate button to push and you can certainly order more than one if you wish. If you would rather pay directly by check, you can make the check payable to Piper-Grey (make sure to include your mailing address!) and send to:


c/o David Piper

P.O. Box 890

La Canada, CA 91012


Many thanks for your continued support of our music.


This album, Piper-Grey LIVE at "The Onion", will be published on TROUGH RECORDS (www.troughrecords.com)


David Piper and Earl Grey