Wednesday, Oct. 15 - Buchanan Arms, Burbank, CA

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Live at The Fremont Center Theatre!

Fremont Centre Theatre, 1000 Fremont Ave, South Pasadena, CA

Piper-Grey, Paul Zollo, John M., and Tedrow/Kaye all take the stage at the Fremont in South Pasadena on Sunday, September 13 at 7pm. The Fremont is an intimate venue and a great place to hear music. See you there.  



House Concert featuring Piper-Grey

House Concert, TBA, Granada Hills, CA

A house Concert featuring Piper-Grey, with musicians Greg Samuel, WendySue Rosloff, and Lisa Johnson, performing their live album "Piper-Grey Live at The Onion!". Bryan Chan opens. Come early and view a spectacular drought tolerant garden! RSVP for directions. 818 489-7373 - seating is limited! 


Acoustic Series

Acoustic Series, 24424 Vanowen Street · West Hills, CA 91307, West Hills, CA

RSVP - important!... limited seating! 818 992-4142 Piper-Grey will play a full set as the featured artist. Jeannie Willetts and Lisa Johnson will also perform.


Piper-Grey's new album is coming!

Piper-Grey LIVE at THE ONION!

Piper-Grey's new album is coming!

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Piper-Grey Live @ The Onion!

"Apples", by Piper-Grey

Piper-Grey's debut album "APPLES" (2008/TROUGH RECORDS) is available at - AND - itunes

House Concert/Album Release, April 18, 2015 in Granada Hills 

What a great night it was this past Saturday, 4-18-15.. at Bryan and Mary Chan's house in Granada Hills, CA. Excellent, attentive audience who stayed with us though all 15 songs. The band, Greg Samuel (flugal horn, trombone and stand-up bass), WendySue Rosloff (percussion and autoharp), Greg Krueger (bass, mandolin, 12 string guitar) and Lisa Johnson (background vocals) provided outstanding support for us (Earl Grey and David Piper - Piper-Grey), as we forged through every song on the "Live At THE ONION!"…

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"Piper-Grey LIVE at The Onion" is ready to master! 


The Piper-Grey album, "Piper-Grey LIVE at The Onion", is mixed (15 tracks) and ready to master. To get this far we have received great support from those of you who came out to see us perform these songs on May 22, 2014, at the Onion in North Hills, CA. It was a great evening!


Now we face another hurdle to completion... paying for the mastering, duplication and printing of the cd and the artwork. That price tag is $2,000, which we hope to raise by

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Piper~Grey to appear at House Concert in Burbank, 8/23/14 

Piper-Grey (Earl Grey and David Piper), both coming off of replacement surgeries (Earl, hip; David, knee) will open for Paul Zollo, Saturday, August 23, at 7pm at the home of Jill Freeman. This is PG's first public appearance since their live recording session at The Onion on May 22 of this year. That session, recorded and produced by Mark Humphreys, is due out as a complete album ("Piper-Grey Live @ The Onion!", on TROUGH RECORDS) by year's end.

Go to to purchase an advanced copy of the…

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Piper-Grey in April & May, 2014 

Piper-Grey will appear at The Pho King Delicious Restaurant in Northridge, CA, on Friday night, April 18. Brainard & Russell and Bryan Chan, who runs this showcase, are slated to appear as well AND on Thursday, May 22nd at "The Onion", a historic building (now a Unitarian Church) in the North Hills of the San Fernando Valley and graced by the likes of The Grateful Dead and Ken Kesey, Piper-Grey will hold a live recording session starting at 6:30 pm. Tickets for the session are $25.00, which also gets you…

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Live Recording Session 

We (Piper-Grey) are planning a live recording session at end of May this year, 2014. The songs we will record will mainly be new ones that we have co-written since our last (only) release in 2008. We will cover one Paul Zollo-Daryl Purpose song called "Orange Raincoat". Mark Humphreys, head of Trough Records will produce and we will probably record at the Fremont Center Theatre in South Pasadena, CA. As soon as the date is firm, we will post it.

tonight, 11/16/12 

Piper-Grey will do a 45 minute set at Project LA's benefit for Hurricane Sandy victims. P-G on stage at 7:30pm! We are one of several acts appearing followed by a fashion show. 72 North Fair Oaks, Pasadena, CA 91103 $5.00 donation


TROUGH RECORDS had their annual "present the artists night" on Septemebr 9, 2012, at the Fremont Center in South Pasadena, CA. Nearly all the artists on the label got up and performed 3 songs each. Everybody played well and we (Piper-Grey) were glad to be a part of it Piper-Grey performed the following three songs Tempe - written by Earl Grey, and recorded on the APPLES/PIper-GREY album from 2008 Wind-up Clock - written by Earl Grey and David Piper Signatures in the Sand - written by Earl Grey and David…

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Piper-Grey to play "Songwriter Serenade", 10/2/12 

The Songwriter Serenade is a weekly show held every Tuesday night at Matt Denny's Ale House Restaurant & Bar. Over 160 artists have now played the show! It starts at 7PM and goes to 9:30. Performers play their original songs for the audience on a lovely patio with a warm, inviting atmosphere. There are all styles and genres of music, with 4 or 5 different songwriters each week. The music is on a patio which is covered and has plenty of heaters for a warm, cozy evening. It is located at 145 E…

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